Driveway-Patio Cleaning

We will work to each client’s specific requirements depending on the job involved. However, in general, the process will typically run as follows:

  1. Initial Consultation. After making initial contact, we will come to your property and assess the particular areas that you would like pressure washed.
  2. Quote. Once we have seen the areas, we will measure them and provide you with an appropriate quote for the work.
  3. Work, work, work. Once the quote has been accepted and the work has been arranged, we will come to you and unload all the equipment we require. At this point, we will need you to provide us with water and electricity access so that we can get set up.
  4. Debris clearance. A member of our team will clear the area of any leaves and debris, enabling our patio cleaner to proceed with the pressure washing process.
  5. Enjoy the results. After the washing has been completed, the job is done! We will then leave you to enjoy the dazzling results for yourself

How much does it cost to clean it ?

You can expect to pay between £150-£200 to have a small patio cleaned and sealed whereas a larger patio will cost you between £300-£400.

Contact us for your free, no-obligation, quotation.

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Taslite Ltd
Address: 50 Clanricarde Gardens, London W2 4JW

Often outside with ear defenders on, we may not answer right away. Do not hesitate to leave us a text or a whatsapp and we will call you back in the following minutes …

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